PTC Newsletter

Vol. 28, April 2020

A Note from the NEMO PIs

Dear Colleagues,

In lieu of our typical newsletter, we give you this special “Take a Break from Corona” edition. In this edition, we wanted to share some fun facts about your friends at the NEMO. We hope you enjoy it!

Frank and Steve

PTC Reminders

For all PTC studies, sites must maintain their IRB approval (continuing renewal) until the primary paper for their study has been published. Sites will receive notification from the NEMO once publication has occurred.

For CleanUP, all data queries need to be resolved no later than May 7, 2020.

If you have questions for the NEMO or the PLG, please enter a Help Center ticket on the PTC website.

May Site Calls

RETHINC – May 13 @ 2pm AND May 15 @ 1pm Eastern
INSIGHT – May 18 @ 4pm Eastern
LEEP – May 22 @ 3pm Eastern
CleanUP – call cancelled