We are trying to find out if a program proven to help people lose a modest amount of weight and increase their physical activity will improve COPD symptoms for those with a high BMI.

The program uses a series of DVD sessions focused on healthy eating and physical activity, and encourages participants to monitor their weight, diet, and physical activity for 12-months.  For those who want to, they will be able to work with a health coach to help meet weight and activity goals. We hope that the program will lead to weight loss, better exercise tolerance, and less shortness of breath. To be in the study, you will need to have COPD, high BMI, history of smoking, shortness of breath, and be 40 years or older.

The PTC partners with the COPD Foundation to bring this clinical trial to the patients’ community. For more information on the COPD Foundation, go to: www.copdfoundation.org